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“Heh, Xcellent way 2 think of things!” he winks, leaning more into the couch. “Good. Ain’t like I’m going 2 change n*e*time soon,” the grin only grows at the delicate, pained movement.

“Definitely ain’t your fault. It’d be your fault if ya resisted, but you didn’t. Little masochistic monomial,” he threads fingers into his hair, plucking out the bobby pins and tossing them aside, giving the occasional yank. “We should make this a daily ritual. I break one bone, we see how well you deal without it,” he growls softly in his ear before biting it harshly, then working his way down with nips and sucks along his neck.

"That’s me." Masochistic seemingly to a dangerous extent. Though there really was no pleasure to getting your ribs crunched in. He winces slightly at the yanking, but doesn’t show any really adverse reactions.  The bite however made him gasp, which was excruciatingly painful.

Kariya had to grit his teeth for a moment to deal with the firey pain in his one side. “I think I’d need more time, man. I ain’t gonna heal up that fast.” 

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He winces as he’s pulled up, gritting his teeth for a second. Broken ribs for sure, those would have to get wrapped… He stays standing where he is for the moment, knowing it would take a bit of effort to comfortably sit.

“That. The ego, the attitude.” He have a short laugh, cutting it off with a sightly pained gasp. “That other ain’t got a spark like you do. It’s like his drive is gone. You, heh, well you’re you. Can’t get better that.”

And there’s that pain again, and digits, he managed 2 hurt him. It gives him a small thrill—where did Koki’s masochism end and intolerance begin? That was the question. And too uncertain 2 even sit? Xcellent.

“So… you like the fact that I’m a dick? Heh. Cute,” he grins at that pained gasp, giving a small shrug. “Fine. Welcome home, you intolerable bastard. Come give your Composer a proper greeting,” he lazily taps the top of the couch b4 stretching out. “I guess I did kinda miss you. Too quiet around here without you whining.”

"Glad you think I’m good for somethin’ man, even if it is just noise." He gave a small shrug, his slight smile faltering at the sharp pain shooting through his side. "And you can call it cute or stupid or whatever but, shit, you ain’t you if you’re not an asshole."

He moved to sit where the other patted, doing so very carefully. The more those ribs moved the more the pain grew. Greeeeat. “Dunno how much of a proper greeting I can give, Lord Composer, but I guess it’ll be my fault that I got myself banged up.”

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Sho’s brows knit in some mix of concern and fear, worried for both the other’s wounds and the fact that he might get revenge for them. But for now, his Conductor seemed calm enough: was he Xpecting such a vicious welcome home?

“If you only came back because you felt like this is home, zetta lame reason,” he grabs the man’s wrist, pulling him up, giving him a quick nip 2 the lips. “But for me? Understandable. I’m hard 2 resist,” he grins wide, taking a step back; all smug and paranoia eased. “Heh. I guess I am pretty impressive. It’d be hard not 2 miss me. But, I gotta ask,” he plops back on2 the couch for the dozenth time, perhaps actually considering staying there this time. “…what’d you miss most, picopascal?”

He winces as he’s pulled up, gritting his teeth for a second. Broken ribs for sure, those would have to get wrapped… He stays standing where he is for the moment, knowing it would take a bit of effort to comfortably sit.

"That. The ego, the attitude." He have a short laugh, cutting it off with a sightly pained gasp. "That other ain’t got a spark like you do. It’s like his drive is gone. You, heh, well you’re you. Can’t get better that."

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“Didn’t FEEL like anything? Are you implying I didn’t miss you?” he snarls, trying his best not to growl and hiss and bite. He settles for digging canines n2 his lip, sucking at the blood that oozes out.

“And what proof do I have? Hell, what proof do I have that in the factoring month you were gone you didn’t come up with some master plan 2 overthrow me? Beat as Composer, you as Conductor—he’s determined enough you wouldn’t have 2 do shit, and could do n*e thing you want!” he pauses, groans, digging his nails deep n2 the couch. “Don’t even reply 2 that, I know that sounds dumb! I just don’t get why you’d come back after BN gone for so long—I Xpected you 2 stay over there. I’d given up!” claws rip through fabric, the insides of the cushion showing; he’s up again, unable to stay still, circling around the orangette. “So? Why?! What the hell do you have here?”

Looks like that Taboo is doing absolutely wonderful things for the Composer’s paranoia. He sits up after a moment, resting his hand against the side the other had stomped on. Eugh, he may have broken a rib or two from the sharp pain he got from breathing in.

"I came back because this is home. Another Shibuya ain’t. Yeah, there’s a you over there but he’s fucking nothin’ compared to you, Sho. Even with you treatin’ me like shit, I’d rather be here, it just doesn’t feel right. And I missed you."

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The man grinds his teeth lightly, glaring daggers. Of course he knew. Of course! He narrows his eyes, shoulders raising as he laughs: as he dares 2 LAUGH. The mathematician tries 2 calm his temper: phrases such as ‘welcome home Koki’ and ‘how was your trip’ flash through his mind.

He snarls instead, stomping over 2 the other and grabbing the collar of his shirt. “If you woulda came back sooner, maybe I wouldn’t B so pissed!” it was a lie, for the most part. 2 Hours or 2 Months, his emotions would be approximately =. “What were you even doing that entire time?” he shoves him back down 2 the floor, giving a harshly stomp to his side. “Factoring the local brat? Winning over the heart of their Konishi?! You shoulda just STAYED there,” he growls deeply, pacing back over 2 the couch. “Go away. I don’t want 2 see your ugly mug. Where’s Beat?”

"Time’s never meant shit to you, man. And you have even more now. Not like that time felt like anything, I’m sure." He wasn’t gonna back down just with the other’s anger, he’d dealt with it before.

A wince when he’s shoved down, and pained groan at the stomp, short followed by a short cough. “Oh please, I didn’t do fuckin’ anything. Too much effort. Thought time could kill your stupid!”

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The mathematician growled lightly at the intrusion when the man came in, lights automatically flipping on. “Factor off, Yd. I’m sleeping,” he groans lightly, picking up a boot and tossing it at the man. After a moment he sits up, snarling—but his face goes blank with shock when he sees who it is.

Oh. Him. He Xpected him 2 never come back. “‘sup, hectopascal,” he asks, standing up and walking 2 the other.

“Surprised you had the guts 2 show your face again,” he pats him on the shoulder, leaning close and kissing him on the cheek… and giving him a swift punch in the gut, jumping back and front kicking him on his hips. “What the factor took you so long?!”

"Yeah, I know." He had started wondering if he would return, but home wasn’t really something he could run from forever. And honestly, he had expected Sho to try and retrieve him before now.

The punch is expected, but it still knocks the air out of him, giving a weak laugh. That kick, however, sends him back ending up on the floor with a rather annoying pain running through him, not quite stabbing but definitely worse than just an ache.

"Probably that…." He coughs, regaining his air. "And what you’re gonna do to me." He expected a pretty sound beating for taking off, though he wasn’t just going to take it easily either.

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He had decided they had stayed too long. This dimension hop had meant to be temporary while Sho had cooled down but….quite some time had passed by now, and honestly Koki did not want to end up becoming part of this dimension. Sure, it had it’s shit together but…it wasn’t home.

So, without mentioning it to anyone else, he simply got Beat up one morning and took them back home. And after making sure Beat would be fine on his own, Kariya made his way to the river.


This could prove to be…a horrible idea.

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I’d point out otherwise but, okay.

Heehee~ how are you liking my Shibuya, anyhow? I haven’t heard any word from your Composer about wanting you back… I insist you stay as long as possible.

I doubt he’ll be yellin’ to take us back any time soon, to be honest.

It’s a nice place! I haven’t really run into anyone, I may look around the city a bit more though, see who I can find…

I don’t suppose your Uzuki’s still around, is she?

Let’s play a game. You can ask me ANY question, but I can only answer “yes” or “no”.



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Love how folks don’t wanna ask me anything for those meme things.

Makes my job a lot easier.

Well, if that’s it for the evenin’ I guess I’ll clock out.

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…no offense, but your dimension sounds like a hell hole

Mathman’s a cool kid and all, but him ruling? He shouldn’t rule anything more than a garbage heap: and that’s pushing it

I mean, how the hell do you not know who’s living and who’s dead? Sounds to me like that should be the first thing you check out

None taken! I mean, to each his own, right?

Yeah, it’s shaky but…he’s getting better at it?

Well, the problem with that is..with such turmoil some of our folks are still around they just…got sucked into another dimension.

Hopefully temporarily.