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"…I hope you’re not slacking off… Again"

"Nah, of course not Sir. ‘m actually workin’ really hard today."


I always have an open spot for some more helping hands. 

Just a thought. 


Good to know! Good. To. Know.

So, you’d be cool if I popped in and jus’ took a peek around? Get a feel for your Shibuya?

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Alrigh’, I’ll be honest. I really need to get the hell outta my Shibuya. I’m lookin’ to move.

Anyone have an open spot in their game for a couple a Reapers? I’d be bringin’ Beat with me. Jus’ lemme swing by an’ check your city out?

Um, villain? Screwin’ with you is my job.

Koki Kariya (The World Ends With You)

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-Despite not wanting to leave, he really had to agree with the other. All the same, he made no motion to get up, no movement at all besides to rest their foreheads together for a moment in order to attempt to regain his breath. After a quiet minute, he finally took a slow, shaky breath, and nodded, smiling a bit, almost shy, and wasn’t that strange? It wasn’t like they had never kissed before, wasn’t as if they had never held each other like this, wasn’t as if he’d never felt the other Reaper’s hands slide across his body before…so why was it so different this time? He didn’t know, and wasn’t sure he cared to know.-

Yeah, le’s…let’s get outta here, yo. Your place or mine?

-It was a joke, because despite it having been quite a long time since he’d wandered home, they’d lived together when he first became a Reaper, had needed a place to stay and Kariya had taken him in…He still remembered that, clearly, couldn’t forget, because Rhyme had taken such a liking to him right off the bat, which was unusual. They’d crashed together after he’d had a nightmare…He didn’t exactly have a ‘place’ these days, actually, just kind of slept wherever, lived on the street, so technically, he supposed, Kariya’s place was still home to him - more of a home than he’d ever known anywhere else, at least.-

[Kariya gave a short laugh at the joke, probably the first time he had laughed in…god, too fucking long. He was fine to still just sit here and hold the other for another couple moments. They were going to move shortly but… that would require him to separate from Beat first.] 

Mine. [He sighed finally, raising a hand to cup Beat’s face, rubbing his thumb over his cheek.] I got a new place while you were out. I needed somewhere that…wasn’t in the River.

[He couldn’t stay around Sho all of the time. Too much stress, frustration, anger….abuse. He couldn’t do it. He needed somewhere to escape. He slowly got up from where they were on the sidewalk, pulling the other up with him.]

Let’s go.

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"Ah! Not…exactly who I expected ta see around but uh…hey man, how’s it goin’?"


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23:12: …You ate an angel?

11:15 : yeah he was realy annoying

11:15 : he kept goin onand on about THE KOKORO




[23:20] sometimes i forget youre a witch

[23:22] but yeah tea sounds nice sometime

[23:24] im thinking about moving


-The kiss broke, and he found himself panting as well, drawing in air as if he’d never had it before, eyes closed; he didn’t want to stop, but he also didn’t want to pass out, so he supposed it was for the best. He almost missed the words in favor of catering to his screaming lungs, but they registered a moment later, and his breath caught, stuttered, escaped him in something of a very unmanly squeak, his lips working silently for a moment.-


-The words came out in a quick, breathless kind of rush, his cheeks reddening a bit, because it was true, of course it was…But then, something was twisting inside of him, something slightly unpleasant, and he didn’t want to think about what it was, or why. He just dipped his head to press their cheeks together once more, continuing to catch his breath.-

[He took his time trying to catch his breath, his chest ached for it, but not nearly as bad as his whole body ached to feel the other against him. He kept his arms tightly around Beat, closing his eyes and just feeling the other, feeling his chest working so hard for air, the sight shift of muscles under his skin, he swore he could even feel the other’s pulse through where they touched skin against skin.]

We should….go somewhere. ….Somewhere that’s not the sidewalk.

[He didn’t want to pull away from the other at all, he never wanted to be separated even by millimeters from the other again in his entire existence. But they were very much out in the middle of the city, and even tuned up they’d be getting looks. No, he’d rather escape somewhere with the other where he could focus on just him, catch up properly, rather than the sidewalk that was grating against his skin.]

Strings and Attractors


Despite the soothing atmosphere about this particular Shibuya, the UG was still in quite a sorry state from the Long Game, and it clearly showed with a mere trained look around the city from said plane. Where there were supposed to be hooded Reapers guarding the entrances of specific routes, no such beings stood watch; a good portion of them had long since been erased during that fateful Game.

Therefore, the current population of the UG was essentially the bare minimum required to sustain it- a Producer, a Composer, and several generic low-ranking Reapers to handle all the dirty work of the Game.

And that was exactly why said Producer was scribbling away at an- of course- boring report.

He had taken to doing such whenever his cafe was experiencing a lull in customers, which, incidentally, it almost always was. So, he filled them out, filed them, did whatever had to be done for the day. It was, to be honest, a dull drudgerous existence.

Which he was all too glad to have a break from in the form of an unexpected visitor.

Raising his head from his work at the tinkling of the bell over the doorway, an eyebrow arched up, honestly surprised at who had wandered his way into his cafe. “Kariya, wasn’t it? You must not be from around here, we don’t have many Reapers left, unfortunately.”

"I saw that. Was the long game particularly hard here?" It was nice to cut through the formalities, and even better to see this universe was lacking him. No ‘twin’ issues to speak of, no reason to try and pretend he fit in when anyone who could read his vibe would know he didn’t belong here.

He sat at the counter, leaning on his forearms. “And yeah, I’m Kariya. I hope it’s okay if I just uh…drop in like this. I needed to get out for a bit and I just happened to end up here.”

He still wanted to feel things out around here before he put himself out there. Came clean of why he was really here. After all, he didn’t mean any harm, just trying to find a new place to live.

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-Never mind that anyone might pass by and catch them, never mind that someone might see, Beat never wanted to move from this spot, right here, with the sidewalk grinding into his knees, the sound of cars passing somewhere nearby. He nipped slightly at Kariya’s upper lip, teeth teasing briefly at it. He was running out of air, needed to resurface, because the heavy inhalations from his nose weren’t coming quick enough to support how quickly his heart was racing, practically running a marathon to keep up with the wash of sensations after much too long of a self-imposed deprivation.-

[The rest of the world didn’t matter anymore, all that mattered as the other man in his arms, but Kariya was quickly running out of air as well. He was left panting to try and catch his breath, still clinging to Beat as if he was life himself.] 

I love you, Beat. I’m sorry I never said it before.

[He could barely hear his own words over his heart going about a mile a minute. His tears had begun to dry, though his eyes were still a little misty.]

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 sometimes. most of the time.

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I Must Confess in Threes

Blab: Three secrets I'm keeping.
Mwah: Three people I'd like to kiss.
Similar: Three members of the same sex I find attractive.
Different: Three members of the opposite sex I find attractive
Pastime: Three hobbies I have that I would be embarrassed to know someone discovered.
Doing: Three habits that I have.
Psst: Three things that I've always wanted to tell you.
Shh: Three things I wouldn't wan't my parents to know
Dream: Three wishes I have.
Want: Three things I would do to you if we were alone.

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Strings and Attractors

Dimension hopping was a good way to clear one’s mind, to see the same city under a different rule, and it was something Kariya had been doing for weeks now. He was never gone for more than a day, sure that his Composer would notice if he were out of  too long. But he just…needed to escape every once in awhile.

It was getting harder to call Shibuya home anymore. He’d been there so long and yet it was changing so drastically, and it seemed anything and (more importantly) anyone he had cared for was disappearing, in some sense.

But then things had changed this week. And it made his wandering have a purpose. Their home was toxic, especially with their connections to the ruler. So he began to comb over every dimension, almost desperate to find a place he could truly feel safe.

A new home.

The moment he turned into this Shibuya he felt a wave of relief wash over him. Everything felt…calm. At ease. A good start but he needed to look around.

And he knew the best place to start would be at a certain cafe…


-Relief. It’s the word he keeps coming back to, because it’s the only word he can think of to describe this feeling, the rightness of it. Kariya is everything he remembers him to be, he is perfect in that there are flaws, and he can still feel the dampness of his cheeks when his fingers come up to brush hesitantly along his jawline, re-memorizing the shape of it as the other man slots their mouths together a bit better; and then his tongue is there, and Beat greets it all too eagerly, his own tongue slipping forward to slide against Kariya’s, his heart pounding in his ears.-

[They never really had a chance to be too affectionate before, only a handful of times, but this felt so absolutely perfect Kariya only wished they had done it more often, and god did he plan on more of it in the future. He had Beat back, and he was not going to let go of him, ever. Their time apart had been too long and…And it just felt good to have him here again. His tongue slid against Beat’s, letting a soft sigh though his nose, re-familiarizing himself with the younger Reaper’s taste. The slight spice.]


-Honestly, he could sit here and kiss him forever, just to reacquaint himself with the subtle, slightly sweet flavor that is Kariya, unique to him and him alone, the taste of it on his lips enough to have his breath hitching, because this is something he remembers. It’s as easy to him as skateboarding, as natural as riding a bike, people would say, because his body remembers, and they fit so well together, he can’t imagine, now, why they’ve been apart so long. He doesn’t dwell on it, instead just parting his lips in a silent, slightly shy invitation.-

[Everything feels so natural, so right, so perfect. He remembered everything about Beat, his taste his scent, how every inch of him felt under his fingertips, and yet he ached to relearn it all because it had been at least ten months since they had returned to their Shibuya. Nearly a year apart and every atom of him ached for the other every second of it. He’s quick to take the invitation, tilting his head just so to better fit their mouths together, slipping his tongue into Beat’s, eyes sliding shut.]